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First impressions are pretty much self explanatory. You get one chance to show your “best self.” First impressions are an unavoidable part of life that we all must face. They ease their way in through nervous first dates, pressure cooked interviews, and making new friends.

It’s easy if we face them head on so later, we don’t have the bubble guts, headaches, and second guessing that plagues us at one time or another right?

I take it you have come here to digest some “easy” reading, get your fill of learning for the day, support a Black writer or friend, and maybe even get my opinion on some facet of life you find yourself compulsively absorbed with.

You might even be here to use this as some sort of conversation starter. Whatever the case maybe I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule, monotonous rhythm of adulting, and the life altering pandemic the world has been affected by.

Simply put literature has experienced a shift that a lot of us bookworms didn’t see coming. Reading has never been so accessible as it is today. Now that’s a good thing because anyone can read anywhere on any medium from print to the world wide web.

Yet, some forms are being put out to pasture or being forced to suffer with less demand. Nevertheless, my pen and computer keys keep on moving because I am certain my words mean something.

I’m starting this blog to begin conversations on just about everything. This will be a lifestyle blog with occasional think pieces as the mood strikes me because I am certain my life challenges are not my own.

Life is a shared experience, so if this blog can teach someone or help someone in anyway it’s beneficial because we all are growing from it.

I’ll write what is on my mind and in my heart as often as possible. In this busy life we live I would aim to write weekly to monthly like no one is watching. I will also listen to your feedback as we one day grow a forum where you can share your thoughts.

There’s nothing more I love better than having a healthy conversation and walking away with nutritional value from it. My epiphany has led me to start this platform and share my voice that has been sequestered deep down inside me out of fear into the unknown. I’m choosing to walk in love, meditation, and prayer. I am birthing positivity, hope, and excitement for those who find this blog.

Anyway, I say all that to say, regardless of the reason you are here welcome to The Journeyverse!

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