Leaving in 2021: New Year, New Me?

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Every year we see memes on our social media newsfeed about things we are leaving behind. In some cases, many people also extend the chopping block to people or purposes that no longer serve them. We also take this time to make New Year’s Resolutions as we step into this new chapter. This year I suspect will be no different.

I usually take this start this process a little early as my new chapter always begins with my birthday in November. I consider this the turning point and self-awareness period. I reflect on what I have been through, how it’s affected me (physically, mentally, and emotionally), and what changes I need to make for growth.

The whole month of November begins the early stages of an action plan, almost like a brainstorming session. I give myself complete freedom and the ultimate most attention to learn myself on a deeper level.

This year I learned a bit more about myself and as I embark on twenty-three, I must acknowledge I’m thankful for another year. Another chance at life. Each year feels like a rebirth, as I rise from the ashes a phoenix. This year I am more grateful than ever that I am still standing after a year full of hardships. I have come to realize this is quite a time to be alive and every breathe is a privilege.

MORTALITY. This is a word that makes us remember life is short. Time is much more than the social construct especially when one’s life is ends. Each passing feels abrupt rather the timing, reason, or person. It always feels so soon. We never know when our time is coming and how. This has put perspective in my life as I process the passing of two people in my life family I loved dearly.

My favorite Uncle and cousin both passed within months of each other. I didn’t see any of this coming it was so sudden. Everyone seemed to be okay or so I thought. I thought we would have more time to spend together. It was abrupt, but their passing has taught me to understand that we must make every moment count and live in the now.

Most of the time a lot of us are living in our ideal future. We are intentionally setting ourselves up for the life we want to have, not living in the present. I have been figuring out ways I could live more in the present and show up for myself rather than resting on autopilot, letting the “worker bee” mentality take over. I have had to learn to be patient with myself because it’s not my fault we have been pre-conditioned in a capitalist’s society to equate time with money rather than an emphasis on memories, love, and bonds.

As we close out this year of 2021 I want to look back on the year as a wakeup call. I have never seen things so clearly as I add on another year of adulthood and everything we have survived. I am exploring who I am, what I really like, and truly want out of life.

Self-care, mental, and physical health has never been as important as now especially since we have been in the pandemic. The pandemic has made me further reflect on the importance of life and taking control of your life instead of just going through the motions.

As I walk into 2022, I’m choosing to move with love and not fear. Life changes can be scary, but they are also necessary for us to evolve. The plan that is for me is something God only knows and I’m okay with that. We don’t have all the answers. Therefore, I am going to take it one day at a time. 2022 is all about self-improvement and living in the moment.

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