Here is Why The Sims is A Genius Three Dimensional Vision Board For Us All To Use For Our Long Term Life Goals

A Black Sim Family of Three created with some additional mods software for Sims 4. (Via:

Trust me I know what you are thinking, you want to know why you should ditch the poster board and pick up this game just to create a vision board. Well…I would usually give a long-winded answer, but I will just get to the point with this: Technology is the way of the future. This may or may not sound comforting because unlike the vast majority I wholeheartedly believe we are on our way to an I, Robot kind of rebellion.

Now this is neither here nor there, so sit back, and let me help guide you to becoming the great visual visionary you just might want to be.

Video games have been a source of entertainment ever since my dad handed me an unplugged controller as a toddler. I was amazed by the graphics and fantasy world he would be transported to every time he played his PlayStation. I must preface this if you have not already got the gist…my parents were young parents in their early twenties when they had me, so yes, I have no shame in admitting my dad was and still is a gamer.

After all, gaming is life! My dad first introduced me to gaming as a curious seven-year-old with Sims 2: Bustin’ Out on our beloved GameCube. He actually helped me create my very first Sim.

The Sims 2: Bustin’ Out promotional cover. (Via: Fully Retro)

It was like he was handing me the gaming torch that day as he instructed me how to play like I had not seen him play this and other games over a million times. I took the controller and he left me alone in the living room of our home (that I had affectionately named the “White House”) while he went off to clean or whatever grown folks do once, they realized they have effectively distracted you. Once I started that first game my life was altered forever because I realized it was a game of freewill, fun, and simulation.

I can remember many days and nights as our game systems changed from PSP, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Wii where I just had to play. I used to drive my mom crazy because I would always conspire with my dad to take a trip to GameStop. Granted it was not hard seeing as how my dad loved games more than me, not to mention we are both Scorpios (we are just a few days apart).

A picture of a GameStop similar to our local location. (Via: GameStop)

We would bike, walk, or drive to our local GameStop. My mom would join us on more than half of our excursions or adventures, only if it was just to complain about the price (new games were often sixty dollars and up). My dad would just brush her off or try to sell her on Tetris (the only game my mom would play).

I would get whatever the new Sims game was at the time and play all night until the early morning. My dad would only be concerned if I played past midnight because he would wake up and tell me to go to bed. He reasoned that I owned the game, so I could play the next day or whenever I wanted.

Little did I know The Sims would be with me from the age of seven to present day adulthood. The Sims has been my vision board for years. It went from fantasy land (crushes, unrealistic careers, etc.) to reality.

The Sims 4 promotional cover. (Via: The Sims Community)

I took some breaks over the years as my priorities changed from not paying bills to paying bills. Fortunately, during my sophomore year of college I hunkered down and bought Sims 4 on eBay for my PC. I only had the base game, but I felt like I was on top of the world because I had re-entered the gaming world.

I started playing right away. I quickly found out the hard way that it’s very difficult to build my dream house on PC versus when I would create one on a console. Instead, I went to work on simulating my dream life minus the self-made mini mansion.

I began creating my “Journey” doppelganger. Her lifetime goal would be to become a bestseller. Her personality traits would consist of cooking, romance, bookworm, and family oriented.

My sims must resemble me, but also possess some minor differences such as blue streaks in their hair or tattoos. These are two things I want, but I am not willing to dye my real hair, and I am not sure my body is ready for the pain of even a dot from the tattoo gun. I will instead settle for a wig, weave, or braiding hair and maybe a temporary tattoo…trust I know my limits.

Anyways let’s move forward closer to the present day…shall we say 2020 anyone?

I started back playing seriously or planning seriously at the precise moment normal life as we knew it had come to end. Stuck in the house with limited options, my creative juices began to flow. I had not played The Sims once during the new year and now I had all the time in the world.

Although I had been on a hiatus, I just knew the base game was not going to do it for me. I was a big girl and a big girl required big packs. Now I am no stranger to splurging on myself, and I spare no expense…coming from a spoiled childhood and all if you cannot tell.

The Sims 4: Discover University expansion pack cover. (Via: EA Games/KeenGamer Eshop)

I did what I do best which meant grabbing my card and racking up on a couple packs to start. I set my eyes on The Sims 4: Discover University because I was in college at the time even if it was remote during the pandemic. I like my simulation to mirror real life as much as possible (well…at least a strong 95 percent).

I bought that expansion pack along with a few others from the game and stuff packs. Now before you get to judging if you have not already…the way I see it, I am making an investment. After all, The Dream and Fabulous taught me to “just throw it in the bag.”

If that is not a good enough excuse for you, blame my parents…they know who they raised. Anyways, I had to wait a lifetime for the additions to download. I began fantasizing about recreating my life in the Sim Universe. Forget those virtual reality headsets because The Sims is the real deal. You got your aspirations, personality traits, lifetime achievements and more. They have become so detail oriented these days that you can even put fake nails, gold teeth, and braces on your sims.

A picture of two pregnant sims talking about their journey into motherhood. (Via: GamerRant)

The one thing I want the developers to add is an alteration to pregnancy.

Who the hell gives birth in three days?

I mean I know Sim time moves differently so nine months is pushing it…but can we at least have nine days?

Other than the actual pregnancy feature, the game is interestingly realistic. You can be famous with paparazzi following you…damn near the whole nine. Sims will actually faint at the sight of a famous sim.

You can be the next Kim Kardashian with the influencer career path. They even got this feature where you can vlog and become something like a YouTuber. You are literally taking life into your own hands.

The packs are off the hook, especially the University. You get to choose from Britechester or Foxbury University, Britechester is traditional or Foxbury is contemporary. They are both great for their specifications just like any real university in life.

I have experienced both in their creative fields from Art History, Literature, and Journalism. The “semesters” last a week and to keep things interesting you do not know your grade until after finals. You can contact your professor and they will give you a questionable hint.

You can live off campus or dorm style. I prefer off campus in sim life and in real life because face it there’s a ninety percent chance your roommates are messy and annoying. You also save money in both instances so who’s really the Frugal Funyun?

Anyway, it is pretty much like your own college experience if you went, but at a much-accelerated pace. It is like summer school at any level if you blink, do not do your homework, or miss class once you can call that a wrap. This kind of reminds me of the UC quarter system because those ten weeks come and go with the wind.

My sim is a journalist most of the time swept up in writing several books at once, with knock off Picasso pieces she’s created to decorate her home I imported from the gallery (created by some talented Simmers). My sim junior always starts off single with an outlandishly unique name living her best life.

She treats herself well, courts for long periods of time, eventually marries, goes on a long honeymoon, and eventually conceives (typically twins are unsuccessful…yes, I know there are ways around this). Junior lives a storybook life of romance with her career, family, and house. This is the plan for me minus the twins because I am still teeter-ting between one, two, and none (my mom is fully aware of the possibility of having Grand Dogs).

I mean they do have dogs and cats on The Sims…but I would rather not talk about my experience in depth let me keep it short with the poor dog ran away.

A Black sim family of four. (Via: Pinterest)

They have adoption, child services (CPS is what it is called where I am from), and natural childbirth. They have a whole pack dedicated to parenting and even more packs dedicated to helping your child have a great childhood. Junior’s parenting skills are significantly better than mine obviously, but we are both clearly lacking.

Otherwise, I would say we are both great catches besides the lack of maternal skills. I am looking for a partnership with someone I can be on equal footing with. I am a creative lover of art, literature, and Black culture.

I can literally find the beauty in just about anything. My sense of style requires an acquired taste much like special delicacies. My sim’s life is nearly identical. It’s artsy and fun because everything is like dressing up.

I always say the body is a canvas so everyday should be a chance at dressing up based on your mood not societal rules. The sims are great not just for the grand long-term goals, but for miniscule ideas because face it these days we need a prototype for just about everything.

Nothing is any worse than getting something you do not like. This game or simulation allows you to experience just about everything, even if it is further away from reality, you can still live out your wildest fantasies.

I mean I guess that’s what the one hundred baby challenge was meant for. Also, if you’re feeling heavy fanatic vibes for Twilight or Vampire Diaries, they have a game pack dedicated to all your fang-ish needs minus the captivating werewolves (they are still nowhere to be found unless maybe you have a mod).

If that does not catch your drift maybe, you need some witchy vibes from the Realm of Magic game pack. I highly recommend it because it gives me a Charmed feeling without The Power of Three. Lastly, if you are still not convinced, they have a Star Wars pack.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you much about it because I am not a big fan. Before you get angry…it was a staple for family movie time, so in my adult life I need something more comical and carefree. Sorry not sorry, I am less about Sci-Fi and action if it is not Ultraviolet or Crank like you will not find me watching.

I also must add that this is not a sponsored, commission, or affiliate post, but if someone from the EA (Maxis) brand is lurking or you know someone…a position as part-time or full-time UX Writer and Storyteller for NPC Sims would not hurt. It would be a dream to work on The Sims and create more visibility for black or brown Simmers especially alike. Storytelling is my first love, and I am passionate about doing it in any medium of my choosing.

Overall, The Sims is a great tool for a full vision board and as they continue to make improvements it will only get better at reflecting real life with time because like fine wine, as it goes up in age it ups the quality. If you want to plot your life and have some fun while you are doing it, hop on now and see where the Simulation will take you. After all, The Sims has been a permanent fixture in my life for over a decade.

Would you not like to see your vision board take off in a three-dimensional form in front of your very own eyes?

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