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How FEMALE Rappers Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve’s SPICY Lyrics Transformed A Plain Jane Into The SEXY BADASS BOSS of Our Present Day

Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, Eve, and I giving our best America’s Top Model poses.

Journey how the hell do you go from talking about The Sims to Female Rappers that dominated in the early 1990s to the early 2000s?

Said no one ever.

I would like to refer to it as range dear friend. Just when you think you have figured me and this blog out…I make you guess again! I told you I was a Scorpio.

Let us clear this up quick: we are mysterious, not “sneaky.”

I like to take people down a slippery slope rollercoaster ride when I write.

I mean who wants to be predictable all the time?

I must keep you on your toes, or you would not read. Therefore, this week’s blog is meant to throw you for a loop.

Did you see it coming?


Alright now enough mind games for now.

This particular story starts in the womb of a woman in her early twenties in the late 90s. She has put music up to her ever-growing tummy. She has the soundtrack of the era playing which features Bad Boy artists’ and others from New York, but the ones that serve most important here are Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown…I promise we will get to Eve (my Scorpio twin) a little later.

DO NOT be a Mommy Shamer please, because like a fierce bear cub might do, I will defend my mother. She was quite young, fun, vibrant, and alive. I mean just picture me in the 90s with a baby baking in the womb.

People say we look so much alike anyways, but me and my mom hardly see it. Mommy Shamers must know that mothers have some shared experiences, but there are a lot of differences as well.

My mom was clearly not afraid to give me a wide range of experiences even while in the womb. Anyhow, I absorbed Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown like I had enrolled in a 90s female rap history course. Hard Core by Kim and Ill Na Na by Foxy Brown’s edgy lyrics spoke truth to anyone who would listen then…both albums are still relevant to this day.

I would know being a true Hip-Hop Head and all. They were both liberating women in ways they probably couldn’t even imagine. I am sure some of you are thinking some derogatory, hater-esque, or slut shaming comments but I promise you they are falling on green grass like fresh seeds to be planted and grown.

These women are culture. Black Culture equals Pop Culture because we make the world go ’round. They were teenagers telling stories of many women who matter, but may be dismissed, overlooked, or used time after time.

I am also well aware that having them in the same sentence, title, or conversation/post is quite controversial since there is a beef yet to be squashed…if there is a possibility. When you think about it this is kind of like the 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef, but the female version with some key differences

I mean Kim wants to turn over a new leaf with Nicki Minaj…so there is hope right?

I do not think it should be a Verzuz Tv battle…maybe another big performance or event, but the true Verzuz is Kim and Foxy because they are more equally yoked, having thrived in the same era at their peaks. More importantly, female rappers and rappers’ period must realize that these flames have been fanned mostly by the thirsty media outlets, toxic masculinity raging men, shifty entourages, and deep-rooted insecurities.

These two can stand on their own, but they can also make magic together. They can get along just like the men. Together they can be a force of nature, something like putting all the women superheroes and villains together to get a crazy talented super group.

I would love a female empowered “We Are The World” or even a Not Tonight/Ladies Night part two. Granted this song would probably be like ten minutes long or more. I know a lot of people would listen, even if it was just out of sheer curiosity.

Any who, my mom must have had no idea that her child was indeed listening in the womb. She is amazed these days that after all these years I listen to these two like their debuts just dropped. These women speak to me in many ways and not because their risqué lyrics speak to my Scorpio nature.

Okay, maybe just a little…but it was their confidence, talent, and alpha female energy that truly influenced me. They were not afraid to take risks with their looks, lyrics, and everything else. I admired their bravery as teenagers just tryna figure it out while being in front of the world.

Lil’ Kim, The Queen Bee:

Lil Kim’s “Hard Core” Album (1996) Via: Wikipedia

You got to hit me off, buy this girl gifts of course/So I look sick, in my six, with my Christian LaCroix.”—Lil’ Kim ft. Lil’ Cease, “Crush on You”

Lil’ Kim is everything…what can I say? I found out she’s a Cancer, my fellow member of the water sign community a few years ago. Kim is legendary, The Hard Core album will always be in rotation for me.

Biggie truly left us with a gem.

Lil’ Kim was telling the world she wanted a big bag of money, great sex (oral included), and designer fashion…in no particular order. She was confident and true to who she was. This is why Lil’ Kim remains a boss to this day.

My favorite song from her classic first album has to be “Crush On You” featuring Lil’ Cease (from Biggie’s Junior Mafia). She lets you know right away she is high maintenance. Kim is not a pushover or a slouch by any means.

I felt Hardcore in the womb because of her deep voice, she held her own, even with the men. You could not help but see past her amazing looks and realize there was a beast within the beauty. Regardless of how you may feel about Kim today there is a reason for everything.

Kim is a trendsetter no matter what anyone says her legacy will stand the test of time. You bet your next check that I am waiting for her autobiography to drop like my favorite home cooked meal. No matter how many times it gets pushed back I will be patiently waiting for Miss Queen Bee.

I learned a lot from Kim. People like to downplay her talent and skills but play up her sex appeal. Fortunately for me, I do a thorough analysis of everything, so yes sex sells, but intelligence is the mastermind of marketing.

Kim taught me that no matter your size (we are both 4’10-4’11) that you can be the biggest in the room. Use your voice and speak up for yourself. Then you can stunt and walk into the room on your stylish sh*t.

How is a boss not bossy? Command attention do not ask for it. Confidence is sexy.

Be the best you. Some might not like it or understand it, but eventually people will have no choice but to respect it. Most importantly, sexiness does not equate to trashy.

Knowing that you want to be spoiled, catered to, and pleased in every way is a wonderful thing that all women deserve. However, you should and must have your own bag. The great Queen Kim once said, “Why spend mine when I can spend yours?”

I think every woman has a little Kim (pun intended) inside of her whether she wants to admit it or not. Kim is just more ballsy about it. That is why some dislike her or shame her for her rawness, but those that get it truly get it…trust me I know.

I have been contemplating being Kim for Halloween for ages and just one of these seasons soon, you can catch me as Notorious K.I.M. But…until then stay tuned!

Foxy Brown, Chyna Doll:

Foxy Brown’s “Ill Na Na” Album (1996) Via: Amazon

‘Property of Mahogany Brown’, standin’ knock-kneed […] And I’m about that money, no need to pretend.“—Foxy Brown, “I can’t”

I love me some Foxy. Foxy Brown has my heart for so many reasons. Foxy had me in the womb, but little did I come to find out a few years ago…she is a Virgo Queen!

Now you may recall me stating my mom is a Virgo…so you know I love me some Virgos. Virgo women are gifts. I have a Virgo for a mother, my closest cousin is a Virgo (two of my cousins from both my mom and dad’s side share a birthday actually…such a coincidence), and I have a Virgo uncle amongst many more of them in my life.

I am obsessed with astrology, so please forgive me and read on. Inga aka Foxy Brown is one of the best to ever do it. The Ill Na Na still has the girls in a choke hold, and I know Brooklyn will never forget it.

My favorite Foxy song would have to be “I can’t.” This song is literally an anthem for me especially when it comes to dating. Foxy is clear with what she wants and is willing to kick any man to the curb that is not willing to get with the program.

Foxy Brown has a confidence that is unshakeable. Foxy is just as bad as her namesake from the Blaxploitation film. Yes, I am aware of the movie and the actress.

I suggest you go watch if you have not already because it will indeed change your life for the better. Women in control, kicking ass then taking names, and holding their own against men is my thing. Women have been belittled, overlooked, and used for others’ agenda for too long.

Foxy is a leader, never a follower. She put Black women with something to say on the map. Nas knows a Queen or two when he sees them.

The main thing Foxy taught me was to love thy skin you come in. She always made sure to acknowledge her chocolate or Godiva skin as she called it. This was in the 90s and it is still relevant to this day.

Many of us suffer from color complexes, but not Foxy. She was sure of her brown skin and did not care who knew it. It was this sense of self that helped me embrace my brown skin.

Everywhere we look the media is telling us brighter and lighter is in. They think it will not go out of style ever and that is evident in just about everything we see. Light in the forefront and dark plays the background.

Foxy told us in ’96 Mahogany Brown is the one. In 2022 it is still true each shade is timeless and exceptional. Foxy Brown is beauty and brains whose looks stand the test of time. I love Foxy so much that on Halloween 2019 I dressed up like the Ill Na Na album cover. I had so much fun that I really want to re-do it on a larger scale. Long live Foxy The Chyna Doll because she is Brooklyn’s finest.

Eve, The First Lady:

Eve’s “Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryder’s First Lady” Album (1999) Via: Pitchfork

Prayin’ to me now, I ain’t God but I’ll pretend/I ain’t start your life but n**** I’m ah bring it to an end.”—Eve, “Love is Blind”

Last, but definitely not least the best Scorpio woman to ever do it…Miss Eve. My Scorpio queen is my favorite Pitbull in a skirt. I share the pleasure of being a day apart with Eve, and I can tell we are so much alike.

She is me in the future. I can promise you that. She had her first child at forty-three, so she gives me hope I will finally be ready at forty-five or forty-eight. I can also tell you that I am one relationship away from being down with the swirl…before you all get mad just look how it is working out for Eve.

Need I say more? Eve has been grinding in the rap scene since the 90s, but she did not drop her debut with Ruff Ryders until ’99. Boy did she put on for Philly!

Eve set herself apart from her peers she sold more of a tough hard body image than she did sex. That did not stop her from having sex appeal…I mean that is just what a Scorpio does without even trying. Eve came with Let There Be Eve…Ruff Ryders’ First Lady giving us Philly realness.

This is where Eve got me years later with Love is Blind. This song talks about the dark side of being in love and the effects of abuse. Eve allowed us to see the pain of a helpless friend watching her friend’s light fade away.

My mom did not have to introduce me to Eve because she was not listening to her. I did not get into Eve until the early 2000s after hearing some of her cuts from the radio and catching the Let Me Blow Ya Mind collaboration with Gwen Stefani.

DMX and The Ruff Ryders clique made no mistake with co-signing Eve because she came with that rawness and hunger that we will never see again no matter the gender. I am sure with her hard exterior and drive she would have come up with or without a co-sign. Eve is just real like that.

I learned from Eve how to embrace my two-spiritedness. We all have both feminine and masculine energy. Some choose to showcase one more than the other.

Eve let me know that this is okay. I do not have to wear a skirt or a dress to be respected all the time when I feel more comfortable in a beanie or joggers half the time. I like wearing both, but I do not have to play the damsel in distress roll to get attention.

Eve showed me you can get respect just off what you say and standing your ground. As long as you are firm in your beliefs, they have no choice to respect you whether you have your clothes on or not. No need to ask who’s that girl…because that girl is and will always be Eve.

I am optimistic that although she is focused on her family and acting career, she will one day return to making music. We need Eve to set the industry on fire like only she can. Eve still has it trust and believe I am not just saying that because she is a Scorpio…just keep your ears ready for that hot fire.

Final Thoughts:

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

I am a Hip-Hop Head to my core. I love Rap. I love both the men and the females.

We need more praise for the women and even more unity. They should not be pinned against one another. The only time versus should come between their names is when it is friendly competition.

I chose these three because they helped “raise” me in a way. Each of them contributed to my development. People often look down on female rap because of one reason or another, but these women are smart.

Marketing is clever, but talent is undeniable. When you have that it factor it does not matter what you’re wearing, just what you are saying and how you are saying it.

Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve are all Queens. They do not have to fight for the crown or the love to get that title, they all put in more than enough work to secure their permanent thrones in the industry. I would love to see them amongst the others from their respective eras stand side by side.

I wish we could leave the pettiness, insecurities, and entourages at the door because we need Not Tonight/Ladies Night part two more than ever. It is time to show the media and the industry that women can and will come together against any divisive plots that seek to dismantle them.

I have hope that this will one day be possible, but until then these ladies will forever have a spot on my playlist…and I hope that you will make room for them on yours too.

The original “Ladies Night/Not Tonight” remix with THE GIRLS OF THE ’90s.
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