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On Waving Good-Bye to 2022, And Saying Hello to 2023!

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Yes, yes, and yes…I know we have some catching up seeing as though I have been M.I.A. for the past couple of months, but trust I am back and I am all better now.

With Christmas out of the way and TWO days left of 2022, it’s the perfect time for us to do some end of the year reflecting together.

This year was a major eye-opener for me.

2022 was a year of lessons and blessings. This year I was able to embrace both my ups and my downs, while truly learning more about who I am destined to be. I lived by the motto you have to be uncomfortable with the uncomfortable. More specifically meaning, things will not always be perfect and being able to adjust in a tough situation will allow you to grow and adapt when a situation calls for it. This year was a year of rebirth.

As I step into this chapter twenty-four, I am learning and I am not afraid of the future, but I will do my best to live in the present because we only have one life to live. Therefore, I am going to live my life with the intention to only speak with positivity, because a negative moment won’t last a lifetime it is only temporary. I am asking all of you to do the same because negativity or negative thoughts are only meant to sabotage and steal our joy.

Live in the now, embrace your flaws, and step in your truth.

This year taught me so much, not just about myself, but people, and life itself.

I learned how important it was to lean on God and trust in Him especially now more than ever.

I can honestly say this was a life changing year for me and without God I know I would not have made it through! I strengthened my relationship with Him because I realized nothing is possible without God. We are human so we tend to make mistakes because we lean into our own understanding, instead of putting our faith and trust in God. For me that is not the case anymore, I pray to God about everything…not just for what I need or want, but for my spiritual health as well.

I like to say I am doing a trust fall with God, and I know He will never drop me.

I attend a weekly bible study once or twice a week, read the bible almost daily, as well as read my daily text on scripture. If you cannot tell like with everything else, I do in life I take my spiritual regime very seriously. My life is a continuous living testimony that God is REAL and he is working on me like everyone else on a daily basis.

I got both good news and bad news this year that led me down a path of highs and lows. Still, I rise to live another day and do my best to see the positive no matter what life has thrown my way. Thankfully, I am still alive and continue to appreciate both the little and big pleasures in my life…I wouldn’t be here without my support system.

I am thankful for every lesson I learned this year because now I am another year wiser.

2022 saw me living and learning and as of June 2022 it’s been a year since I graduated college with my Bachelors in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from UC Davis. I was working while trying to find my footing in the “real world” doing some soul searching and feeding my passion aka building my portfolio. Boy, did I learn a lot especially about playing with my potential and thinking “small time.”

I left my dead end in job and convenient apartment to head for the hills…also known as back to my hometown. I was too comfortable in Davis with my temporary situation. I wanted to grow, but I did not want to grow at the same time. I was so fearful of the future, because my plan did not happen exactly the way I wanted. That’s just how life works sometimes because we’ll plan something, and God just laughs because He is the ultimate and true planner.

I can laugh about it now because I know better, but that just goes to show that as we live, we will continue to learn…and you are never too old to learn no matter how set in your ways you think you are.

The city of Davis was and is interesting. When I got there five years ago it was a complete culture shock, full of unfamiliar faces, and bikes like I never seen before. Now you might say I am being dramatic or whatever, but it was a big deal to me especially seeing as I have never been outside of California in all twenty-four years of my life. Before you say anything…yes, I do plan to travel…a lot! I just haven’t gotten around to it, but when I do…baby I plan to bawl!

Living in Davis was quite the experience…and although it is only a twenty- or thirty-minute drive from Sacramento it feels like a totally different atmosphere. This is so much so that in my first year I was extremely homesick and went home at least two or three times a month.

After I found my footing, I began to enjoy it a bit for what it has to offer like the fact that it is so small, so you can’t really ever get lost. It’s like one big circle you’ll eventually find your way back to where you were. That had to be my favorite part was the city’s size.

I also met a lot of interesting people I would not have met had I not attended college or lived in the town. I will forever be grateful for the experience and time that I spent there. I would and could re-live the experience, with maybe a couple changes here in there with my 2022 hindsight.

Now that I am back in MY city, I feel different…it does not feel like moving backwards, it appears to be the TLC I never knew I needed. The city of Sacramento is NOT my ending point, but it is safe to say I will be here for a hot minute and it will always be my home no matter where I am in this world.

After a minor setback that led to me stepping away and reevaluating my life, I am in a new space physically, mentally, and emotionally…it’s serving me well, so I can say with full transparency I am anxious, but ready for the new year.

The last quarter of 2022 has prepped me well for all that is to come for the new year, so I came exit 2022 with my head held high because this has been a year of redemption…so you can say you are witnessing a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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Good-Bye 2022, thanks for everything…do not let the door hit you when you exit!

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Hello 2023, it is so nice to finally meet you…I look forward to seeing you rise to the occasion.

I am ready to open the new year on a positive note, another year wiser, and ready to execute the plans I have in motion expeditiously. I have tunnel vision, because I know I have so much to do and so much to live for. I am ready to live life to the fullest without regrets or should’ve, could’ve, and what-ifs dragging me down. No more wishing, only doing at this point because action truly speaks louder than words.

I am here for the now not for the past with my eyes set only on the present.

I know if the last quarter of the past year has been any indication, 2023 is the year of ME.

I am happy that I have overcome the challenges and obstacles of this year, and this holiday as celebration because I have not let the negativity or evils of this world to permanently destroy me. Clearly, I am able to stand tall towards any battle coming my way. I am stronger and wiser than ever before.

I see the bigger picture now, so I am done playing small. Therefore, I am no longer sleeping on my worth or my potential to be great. This is how it feels to be a survivor, and it feels great.

I have so many goals for this year…I would name them all, but instead I will just name a few to save us all some time and keep you in suspense for what’s to come.

First and foremost, I must continue to elevating my writing and build my portfolio.

My writing is my first love, ultimate passion, and dream career. As many of you know, I have been writing since I was eight years old, so the love I have for writing is deep. I have sixteen years invested in my writing…just four years shy of two decades. This sixteen-year run has been full of challenges and fun, and I am glad to say I would not rather be doing anything else.

I have found my voice in my writing, so I write with love in every piece I create whether it’s a poem, short story, article, novel, or blog post. Every sentence is packed with emotion and effort because I am dedicated to the craft. I have come a long way in my writing I must say.

I am happy to announce that the blog’s ONE YEAR anniversary will also be in January, and it is so surreal to me!

I never would have thought that I would be here. I must also credit my aunt for telling me to start this blog…even though I took her advice about four years later. When she first urged me to, I did not have the confidence because I was doubtful that anyone would read it or care…but clearly there’s a few people reading. I say to my readers thank you for reading and sticking around even after my hiatus you have been there. I am forever grateful to you and look forward on us continuing this wild journey (yes, the pun is very much intended) together.

If you’re new here, thank you for checking my content out and I hope you’ll stick around…and to those who haven’t caught on yet just wait and see. The elevation is coming and my work speaks for itself, however I am about to brag a little this year because I feel that I have been too humble.

All I can say is y’all not ready for this next level content…or maybe you are we’ll see though!

More consistency is the goal.

I don’t have any kids yet…but this blog is like my baby whom I am raising from the ground up.

Next, I want to network with more artists NOT just writers, but ALL CREATORS. I am kind’ve shy, quiet, and reserved…hell, socially awkward or an introvert if you will…so I want to step outside that. I want creative friends NOT just content for my “Creative Spotlight” Series.

Another goal of mine is to go out more this year. I am such a homebody; I love being in the house if I am not working or running errands. I really want to change that this year because there is so much to see and experience in this world. I got so much on my bucket list to check off it’s not even funny. I don’t want to be on my death bed complaining about how I kept myself locked up in the house.

I also need to capture these moments by taking more pictures and videos because I’ll only be this youthful and pretty once.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive of all my wonderful plans, but as I said you’ll just have to stick around to see all these and more come into fruition because I know they will.


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Last, but most certainly NOT least…I am truly thankful for the blessing to see another year. I am ready to continue on this path of growth in all aspects of my life.

I know I have dropped some gems, by sharing my personal experiences and being vulnerable not just in this post but in several posts released in this past year. I am happy that for those of you that discover my content that you have something not just to entertain you, but feed your soul. My ultimate purpose with this blog and my writing is that I touch people with my work rather than just simply entertain. I hope to make you feel something that evokes laughter, smiles, discussion, happiness…whatever it is I hope you learned something and maybe even share it with others.

Writing feels like a lost art these days, with all the other mediums of consumption and instant gratification tactics out there. While I know your or I can be doing anything else in the world…I am just happy that we both choose to use our time writing and reading. Literature is and will forever be important.

On another note…I cannot say this enough please exercise gratitude and take nothing for granted whether it’s your life, love, friends, family, or anything else of importance appreciate it while you can because we only get one life so live it up in order to make the best of it!

I say all that to say, cheers and a Happy New Years!

Until next time…



Yours truly captured in a daydream, enjoy!


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