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January 4th 2023: The Journeyverse Turned One!

The Journeyverse logo with a customized font. (Courtesy of Canva)

A month ago, was the birthday for The Journeyverse. My baby is officially one year old. I have never been so excited. I feel like a real mother building a brand, business, and exercising a skill or turning your craft into a work of passion takes time. I am glad that I have continued to stick with it no matter how much life gets in the way or how busy I get I live and breathe for the success of The Journeyverse.

I am aware I have a lot of content to put out and I promise to release stuff on a more consistent basis. I have had a lot of life changes at the moment from wearing many hats, carving out my own life path, and elevating in all aspects of my life. No matter what life throws out me rest assured The Journeyverse is here to stay…for good!

I am grateful to God, friends, family, fellow Creatives, and supporters present plus the future ones to come.

The Journeyverse used to be a kernel in my mind until it was conceived Asexually of course!

The Journeyverse has been just a though in my mind for the last sixteen years, and last year I finally brought it into fruition after crafting it for a year prior to its launch. I know The Journeyverse brand has the potential to be much bigger. I am a visionary, so do not doubt me, you can bet on me and watch it happen.

I can write words all day and I can stand on all my words then speak them into existence.

The Journeyverse platform will continue to expand. I am looking to expand the brand and network with other businesses. I would love to add more Creative Spotlight blog posts and expose my supporters to other businesses and work with other businesses to offer Freelance Writing, Communication/Public Relations, Social Media Management, and other services on as needed basis.

Most importantly, I want to give back to my community of Oak Park (in Sacramento) and work with the youth to offer writing services whether it’s tutoring or creative writing because I truly believe the youth are our future!

Thank you for celebrating one year with me as I look forward to many more as I build this legacy for myself, family, mentors, influences, ancestors, and everyone who told me I couldn’t do it.

Happy one year anniversary to my first baby ever The Journeyverse!

Stay tuned,

xo Journey xo

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