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Creative Writing 101: The Online Course YOU always NEEDED is HERE!

Creative Writing 101 Online Course Flyer created by yours truly!

Yeah, yeah, and yeah…I know what you’re thinking here I finally am and why the hell am I trying to sell you something, right?

Well I promise it’s not how it appears.

Okay, maybe it is a little…but before you get flustered just read on and see what I am selling you on is actually priceless!

Hard to believe well…just read for yourself if you are not a believer by the end of this blog post I give you permission to stop reading and unsubscribe if you haven’t already!

What on earth is Creative Writing?

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Creative Writing is the artistic expression of a collection of genres from poetry, fiction, short stories, and more. Creative Writing as many of you may know has been my passion since I was eight. This has been a lifelong passion of mine and the catalyst to me graduating from UC Davis with my Bachelors in English (includes my Creative Writing emphasis).

Creative Writing has led to my blog, website, and business. I am forever learning and studying this field because by no means have I mastered it, but I am pretty familiar and experienced. I see this passion changing the world, allowing me multiple streams of income, and influencing others.

This has led to me looking into many webinars and master classes until I stumbled on a free hour long master class from Course From Scratch Creator Danielle Leslie in the beginning of March. Her class was so inspiring because she told the story of her hustle from working a 9 to 5, to building her own course that has since birthed a million dollar platform. She is changing others lives with her work and teaching others how to craft their courses.

Danielle Leslie is teaching others to brand themselves and create businesses. This stuck out to me especially during Women’s History Month. She is Black, from a working class family that she has since employed and creates generational wealth.

This is big boss energy. The same energy and positivity I want to bring in order to become a full time entrepreneur versus a working one. I have realized as each day grows past I must and you must stop playing with our potential letting these jobs breadcrumb us when we truly deserve the whole loaf of bread.

Thus, “Creative Writing 101” was born.

Creative Writing 101

Creative Writing 101 is an online course that will be launching this Saturday on April 1st! This two hour online course will be held on zoom for the first time. I am so excited because this course is my baby. I have been wanting to do a course for a long time, but I was not sure how to do it. Danielle’s course pushed me to make the move.

I look forward to meeting a small intimate group of people and discussing the art of writing. My goal is to help people take control and see the power of their narrative. Too often society makes up one for us, especially people of color. The purpose of this course is to teach the importance of storytelling and how it proves useful in daily life.

The course will have only twelve spots on the first go around with tickets being sold on EventBrite. Tickets are on sale now until Friday at 5pm. The time is from 4:30pm to 6:30pm PST zone. It’s on zoom with video being strongly preferred since it’s a heavily engaging course, however one may do audio only.

I recommend everyone try and register ASAP.

I will do a waitlist for those who can’t make it and have missed the first course due to tickets selling out. I urge you to book it now because the current price will NOT be the future price. 

First of Many Courses

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Creative Writing 101 will be the first of many online courses I plan to rollout. Online courses are coinvent for many of us who live our lives on the go mode. I can connect with people all over without leaving my place of comfort. Although it’s online now I plan to do some in person eventually when I can. I would love to travel and teach this course on the road or to programs.

Online courses can be live or recorded allowing people to listen or learn from anywhere at any time aligning with their own pace.

These courses will be recurring from once a month, monthly, and yearly.

This course will allow me to test out my teaching skills and branch out from my typical writing for self and writing services.

New Era of The Journeyverse

The Journeyverse is only up from here. I said it before I entered this year and I meant it. The Journeyverse is all about success and elevation. I want to expand it from more than just blogs and traditional services.

The Journeyverse will expand to include courses, workshops, and more!

The Journeyverse is about Black ownership and my path out of my current life. When I think of my future I see yearly vacations indefinitely, no micromanaging, steady life long income, and fun. I am aware it is a lot of work, but my work ethic just doesn’t let up. I believe in myself, drive, and potential.

The Journeyverse is here to stay, even long after I am gone my legacy will be here!

Last Words…

Thank you all for continuing to read my blog, reach out to me, share my content, and just all around support me. The creation of my course has been a long time coming. This course comes out of love and I want to help assist in the literacy of people of color. I want you to love reading and writing.

The Journeyverse is my vehicle for retirement from 9 to 5 work. I just know I am on the path to greatness and I am owning it.

I urge you all to do the same and never stop believing in yourself…stay hungry, consistent, and disciplined.

If you are not busy grab your pen and paper, computer, and/or I-Pad to join me for the launch of Creative Writing 101 on April 1st this Saturday!

You can find the link to buy tickets and save your spot below: Creative Writing 101: The Online Course YOU always NEEDED is HERE!

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