Creative Spotlight| Thirty-ish Questions To Show YOU J Free Is Good Enough?!.

We all come in different packages, stories, styles, and everything else. Yet, the one thing that unites us is our passion for our art. J Free, is a twenty-seven year old writer from Sacramento with raw, unfiltered, and unforgettable content that is Good Enough?!. I have been following his work for less than a year and he continues to surprise me with each piece, the next is always better than the last.

How Sister Souljah’s Brilliance Changed My Life Forever

I would be remiss if I did not kick Black History Month off with someone that is not only influential to me, but influential to the culture in more ways than one. Sister Souljah is more than just the writer who changed my life, but she is an activist, public speaker, musician (one and only lady of Public Enemy), and film producer.

The Self-Love Journey: From Mind Blowing Insight To Amazingly Empowered

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-love as, "an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue." People express their love of self in many ways. This is not to be confused with being self-absorbed, vanity, or narcissism. Self-love is not selfish. Loving yourself for who you truly are is a necessity for a healthy life.

‘Hrs & Hrs’ Of Reflection On Singles Anonymous Day

It's almost that time of the year and I find myself comfortable even amid the Muni Long's "Hrs & Hrs" phenomenon. Although, people are playing it like it's the air we breathe in, no one can deny the greatness of it. "Hrs & Hrs" is quite the catchy romance song of the moment right now, and as a result it has become the soundtrack for every couple video on social media. I would argue that is the anthem for love or being in love as we know it today. If you still don't what time I'm talking about by now, I'm referring to Valentine's Day, also known as Single Anonymous Day, the hallmark day of love, or plainly put just February 14th. The spotlight isn't just on the couples, but it's on the single folks too. This day weeds out the lovebirds from the rest of the world unlike any other day.

Should Growing Up Hip Hop Be Canceled?

The Growing Up Hip Hop franchise has been on air since January 2016 and I can't help but ask myself is it running out of time? I was first became interested in the show when it featured the original cast: Romeo Miller, Master P, Dame Dash, Boogie Dash, Pepa, Egypt, Kristinia DeBarge and T.J Mizell (Jam Master Jay's son). The premise of the show was about the lives of kids with legendary Hip-Hop parents as they conquer the world under their own spotlight on their terms. Since then, there have been numerous seasons and spinoffs from Atlanta to New York. Thus, leading to an expansion of the cast and more explosive drama all originating from the popularity of the original show in Los Angeles.

What We Can Learn From “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”

"The Meaning of Mariah Carey" became a memoir of sheer curiosity for me when the release was teased in June 2020. The book was slated to release in September of that year, and I was dying trying to figure out how I was going to get my hands on it. I have been an avid bookworm since I was a kid in elementary. I also happened to become a fan of Mariah Carey around the same time.

Hard Truths: The 9 to 5 American Hustle

The daily grind for most people today is working eight-to-twelve-hour shifts. Subsistence living or more commonly known living referred to as "paycheck to paycheck." The wait until pay day can feel like forever and even like all that labor wasn't worth it. The pay and the cost of living these days just isn't adding up. No matter how much money we make the costs of everything just continues to increase. Minimum wage has not yet caught up to the price of gas or rent.

Leaving in 2021: New Year, New Me?

Every year we see memes on our social media newsfeed about things we are leaving behind. In some cases, many people also extend the chopping block to people or purposes that no longer serve them. We also take this time to make New Year's Resolutions as we step into this new chapter. This year I suspect will be no different.

Intro Journeyverse 101

First impressions are pretty much self explanatory. You get one chance to show your "best self." First impressions are an unavoidable part of life that we all must face. They ease their way in through nervous first dates, pressure cooked interviews, and making new friends.

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