Cash Money’s Hot Boy B.G. And No Limit’s TRU Soldier C-Murder Are Two Rappers WE CANNOT Forget About

Both B.G. and C-Murder have represented The South their whole career. I know I am not speaking just for myself when I say the fans want to see them flourish and rise again. They have contributed heavily to Hip-Hop with their respective groups and their solo careers. I know when they are granted their freedom...I am not saying if because they should be free one day. B.G. and C-Murder's cases make me reflect on just how much Black bodies are not protected or respected. We are often sentenced with the harshest time, killed, beaten, or forgotten. Yet, our culture is the most impactful to be repackaged, dissected, and copied for a profit or aesthetic. No matter how much they try to erase, re-write, and study, our presence will always be felt. B.G. and C-Murder will be released one day soon...I am sure of it.

Should Growing Up Hip Hop Be Canceled?

The Growing Up Hip Hop franchise has been on air since January 2016 and I can't help but ask myself is it running out of time? I was first became interested in the show when it featured the original cast: Romeo Miller, Master P, Dame Dash, Boogie Dash, Pepa, Egypt, Kristinia DeBarge and T.J Mizell (Jam Master Jay's son). The premise of the show was about the lives of kids with legendary Hip-Hop parents as they conquer the world under their own spotlight on their terms. Since then, there have been numerous seasons and spinoffs from Atlanta to New York. Thus, leading to an expansion of the cast and more explosive drama all originating from the popularity of the original show in Los Angeles.

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