Black Love: Remy Ma & Papoose…The Ultimate New York Love Story is an Inspirational Romance for Lover Girls Worldwide Like Me

I have a confession to make.

Wow…that reads a bit more dramatic than I thought it would.

I am a Hopeless Romantic or a “Lover of Love” if you will.

Maybe it is more like an announcement or a declaration. Either way you want to put it, let’s just say it is important. I just must emphasize how important LOVE is.

I know, we have covered love, but we have NOT covered it like this before. This time we are talking about that soulmate, twin flame, life partner, kind of love.

I must add love is amazing to have for self, and love is great to see between two blessed partners is great, but BLACK LOVE is where it is at.

When you think Black Love I am sure the typical couples come to mind. Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Teyana & Iman (I love them too), and Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’Oir…but that list should also include Remy Ma & Papoose. This is one couple that checks off all the boxes that the others do, but even more so yet they get overlooked.

They check off all the “boxes”: blended family, powerful in music, and a power couple on television. This is all of them being true to each other. They are not looking to be “couple goals” but their union is the perfect model.

Remy and Pap inspire me because of their genuine love for each other. In this new era of toxicity, it is seen as cool to disrespect your partner, cheat, or just plain treat people as scum.

Very few are dating with marriage in mind or the thought of genuine commitment. This is not the fault of anyone specifically, our society has changed. There is not enough love in the air, positive images, or encouragement for strong bonds.

I mean how can we get this love when everyone is not loving themselves, caught up in being a player, or only available for casual sex (Friends with Benefits)?

Fortunately, when I see couples like Remy Ma and Papoose, I know my dream of a long-lasting love is still possible.

The Beginning of The Ultimate Brooklyn-Bronx Love Story…

A map of the five boroughs that includes both Brooklyn (Papoose) and the Bronx (Remy Ma). Via:

Papoose and Remy Ma met in the early 2000s in a studio session with a mutual friend known as DJ Kay Slay.

Remy Ma and Papoose liked each other almost immediately.

In interviews when they reminisce and rehash the cute little things they did when they first met each other it is touching to watch because of how their love story turned out.

Remy Ma talks about setting up a fake “studio session” under the guise of wanting to do a song with him and standing him up because she did not like her outfit for the session.

Papoose talks about being shocked by her bossy demeanor when she would come to the studio. Remy Ma would come to the studio and command the room, from controlling the music to putting her feet on the table.

The couple were friends for a few months. They spent a lot of time talking, chilling in the studio, and taking up deep car conversations until the sun came up.

I am in awe of the foundation they built from friendship to lovers.

It is a wonder especially given Remy Ma is a Gemini and Papoose is a Pisces.

The zodiac signs leave no story untold with the picture they paint when combined.

Any who, the couple weathered the astrological storm and became engaged to be married.

The Thundering Storm is More Than a Bump in The Road

Remy Ma & Papoose in the early days. (Via: Pop Star Tattoo)

Unfortunately, by 2008 a storm was brewing for the happy couple because Remy was hit with a case. Remy and Papoose had been engaged with plans to marry. These plans were halted because Remy had to go to trial.

Remy Ma was accused of allegedly shooting a woman outside a nightclub. Remy lost her trial and was sentenced to serve eight years. The couple would not even let prison impede on their relationship which led to plans of them wanting to marry a month into Remy’s sentence behind bars.

These plans were unable to take place because they temporarily banned Papoose from visiting Remy Ma for six months under alleged intentions to use a “skeleton key” to break her out of prison.

It is this dedication here that lets me know nothing or nobody can stop true love when two people come together. They are willing to jump through hoops holding hands to keep their heads above water and their feet out of the fire. Remy Ma and Papoose have continued to defy the odds.

The couple finally tied the knot over the phone, while Remy was locked up.

I must say I commend Papoose for holding Remy down while she was locked up because you rarely hear narratives about people riding out a sentence with their partner. Both partners are doing the time regardless of one person on the outside while the other is locked inside. I do not know anyone of my generation that is or would be as solid as Pap given the circumstances and the time their partner was doing.

Papoose is a gentleman who was faithful to his wife during her sentence and devoted to seeing her through the gates of freedom during her time inside. He went to see her religiously, took care of the home, and took her calls.

Papoose is the definition of a solid husband who is a cheerleader for Remy Ma.

The Rebirth of Remy Ma & Papoose

Papoose & Remy Ma rocking their “Black Love” hats. (Via: Blavity)

Finally, Remy Ma was released in 2014 after serving six years and the couple were reunited.

The couple moved like they never missed a beat because immediately they went to work on keeping their union strong, making up lost time with their family, and getting Remy Ma back in the spotlight.

This started with being featured on season six of Love and Hip Hop: New York in 2015. The season profiled Remy Ma adjusting to being back outside and in the public eye while on parole. The season also gave a look into the marriage like never before because prior to Remy being away their relationship was very private.

The appearance on Love & Hip Hop marked the start of a series of spin offs. Most notably, Meet The Mackies because the audience got to see their family on a deeper level. The show highlighted Remy and Pap’s blended immediate family.

The show was refreshing to see because they showcased their family in a positive light. Drama does happen, but it does not overshadow the happiness of their union. I would highly recommend watching it if you have not.

We need more positive light shown on Black couples and their families. It is unfortunate that shows like theirs are short lived because they do not show the drink throwing and petty arguments we are used to seeing play out on television.

The reintroduction to the public via television and music were not the only things prosperous, so was their union with a hell of a grand gesture rolled out.

The BIG Wedding & The Golden Child

Remy Ma & Papoose’s BIG wedding at a castle. (Via: Life & Style Magazine)

Remy Ma and Papoose’s life came back around full circle when they got married at the Oheka Castle & Estate in 2015. The moment was shared with their family and close celebrity friends in attendance. The moment was captured by Love & Hip Hop cameras as a part of a wedding special.

Remy Ma wanted to have the lavish wedding they never had because of her time away and Papoose lived up to the moment.

Papoose even included the minister who wed them over the phone as part of the officiating process.

Is there anybody left out there as romantically sweet as Papoose?

I am not asking for a friend…I am asking for me.

Excuse me, let us have a moment of silence for the existence of good men.

Say your manifestations and let us continue this great romantic journey of a love story between these two lovebirds.

Next up we have the most prosperous blessing of all…The Golden Child!

Remy Ma, Reminisce “The Golden Child” MacKenzie, and Papoose during her first birthday party. (Via: Essence)

Remy Ma and Papoose had their first child Reminisce in December 2018. Their daughter was indeed the cherry on top to an already successful union and blended family between their children from other relationships. The birth of “The Golden Child” signaled a new chapter for The Mackies as a whole.

Remy Ma and Papoose had been doing their best to add to their family despite fertility issues in the past that were shown on Love & Hip Hop. The moment finally happened with Miss Reminisce and a glorious one it was!

I love seeing Remy and Papoose holding each other down through it all. They are reaping the benefits of what they have deserved all along. It feels good to know they are living life together to the fullest with no signs of stopping.

Both Remy and The Golden Child have Papoose wrapped around their fingers. He is the husband and the family man wearing all the hats without confusion. The arrival even prompted him to use his daughter’s heartbeat from an ultrasound in the production of a song called “The Golden Child” from his 2019 album Underrated.

If this does not showcase a father’s love for his daughter and wife, I do not know what does.

The Bow For The Finale…

gift boxes with heart shaped cookie and flowers
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Overall, I would like to extend all praise to The Mackies and their beautiful family. They are NOT relationship goals…they are a model for an upstanding union between two people in front of the world. Remy Ma and Papoose have stood the test of time through the industry, imprisonment, and lively strife.

Black Love most certainly equals Remy Ma and Papoose.

The takeaway I get from their trajectory and journey together is that REAL love can withstand any storm if you are willing to face it together. Relationships can last and marriage can succeed. Celebrities are human and even amongst two creatives it can work.

All in all, maybe a Gemini and Pisces can thrive together…

I am admired and inspired because my expectations are high, but to the right suitor they will not seem like much. I do believe in love wholeheartedly. I know my Papoose is out there just waiting for me to get my glasses prescription right so I can see him with all four of my eyes.

This couple has taught me NOT to settle.

There is hope for this Lover Girl yet.

Glasses up for Remy Ma and Papoose!

Alright…come on ladies and gents we got some work to do. Let us get our personal self-development, prayers, manifestation, and meditation together. Lastly, Mr. Whoever-You-Are (I said it here first) I will meet you at the altar of our wedding.

How Papoose and Remy Ma met and their life on the early days.


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