Why Almost 15 Years Later David Simon and Ed Burns’ Legendary Show ‘The Wire’ Will Continue To Be Relevant Well Beyond Its Final Air Date

I continue to watch The Wire years later because it is more than a show of entertainment. The Wire breaks down the many layers of corruption in our "Great" America fabric, which to tell you the truth it has never been great. The Wire is a vehicle that dissects crime (police, drugs, and the criminal underworld), education system, politics, and media in a way even the most common person can understand. The Wire is a bird’s eye view into what was happening then and now all over the world. The ecosystem of The Wire exists in places all over America. Shoot, I can tell you that this ecosystem exists in my hometown city of Sacramento right now. I am writing this post to continue the celebration of a show twenty years after its original airing to give flowers to everyone who made it possible from the lighting team to David Simon. Everyone deserves praise including the late Michael "Omar" Williams who is gone but will never be forgotten.

Here is Why The Sims is A Genius Three Dimensional Vision Board For Us All To Use For Our Long Term Life Goals

The Sims is a great tool for a full vision board and as they continue to make improvements it will only get better at reflecting real life with time because like fine wine, as it goes up in age it ups the quality. If you wanna plot your life and have some fun while your doing it hop on now and see where the Simulation will take you. After all, The Sims has been a permanent fixture in my life for over a decade.

BREAKING NEWS: A Spitfire Portrayal by BLACK Actress Jurnee Smollett from Eve’s Bayou is The Meaning of Journey…NOT The ALL-WHITE Rock Band!

According to Oxford Languages, Journey in its most basic context means, "an act of traveling from one place to another." The one that really resonates with me most is Oxford's second definition, "a long and often difficult process of personal change [or] development." I know this to be the truth because my mother confirmed it and well, I am living it.

Should Growing Up Hip Hop Be Canceled?

The Growing Up Hip Hop franchise has been on air since January 2016 and I can't help but ask myself is it running out of time? I was first became interested in the show when it featured the original cast: Romeo Miller, Master P, Dame Dash, Boogie Dash, Pepa, Egypt, Kristinia DeBarge and T.J Mizell (Jam Master Jay's son). The premise of the show was about the lives of kids with legendary Hip-Hop parents as they conquer the world under their own spotlight on their terms. Since then, there have been numerous seasons and spinoffs from Atlanta to New York. Thus, leading to an expansion of the cast and more explosive drama all originating from the popularity of the original show in Los Angeles.

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